Life doesn't owe you anything

I always had that mindset where I expected things to be naturally easy and simple for me. I guess those kinds of thoughts came from the fact that my parents always provided me everything I needed: a roof over my head, food every day, access to healthcare and education, etc.  They always protected me when things got difficult. Until now, I never realized that, subconsciously, my mindset is the reason I always felt so melancholic and depressed. It's kind of scary to think that, because of my attitude, even though I live in a good environment and have everything I need, I still found a way to be sad. I knew that it made no sense and felt guilty about feeling that way...until I made a connection between my state of mind and my beliefs.

I always believed that my new and exciting life was waiting around the corner. I just needed to be patient and work a bit. «Life is so harsh and cruel because I don't deserve everything that happened to me. Why bad things always happen to me? It's not fair.»

If I could go back and slap myself, I would. Really. It took me sooo long to realize that, but, hey, better now than never, right? My father actually taught me this before, but I thought I understood without really understanding.

Life is hard and unfair for everyone. Life doesn't owe you anything. The only fact that you are alive right now is a miracle. The good things you have right now is either because of people who worked hard for you or because you worked hard for it (I firmly believe in karma: if you did good things in the past, you earned your good luck). Knowing that hard times are not a curse, but the logical consequence of your actions and decisions is actually a huge relief for me, because I know I have control on my life. I understand that bad events and obstacles are only natural and totally logical in the course of life. What's not natural is to have more than what you actually need. Knowing that, we have all the reasons in the world to be happy. That is why we must be grateful for everything, work hard for what we desire and never give up.