Kota Tua & Glodok

Located in the North of Jakarta, Kota Tua is considered as the Old Town of the city. It is the remainder of Old Batavia, a heritage of the Dutch colonization time. In the past decades, some historical buildings have been restored through a revitalization plan while others have been left deteriorating.

Café Batavia is one of the colonial landmark ­­surrounding Taman Fatahillah square. The whole ambience embodies the 1930s vibes with vintage photographs of celebrities and old furnitures. There are a bar, a stage and a lounge on the ground floor with a huge wooden stair leading to the first floor. This is where the main dining area is located.

Also located around the Fatahillah square, the Wayang Museum showcases Indonesian wayang traditional puppetry and gamelan.

Kota Tua also includes Glodok, the Chinatown of Jakarta. The streets are packed with small Chinese shops and traditional markets selling literally everything. My favorite place is a vintage apothecary. Even from outside, you can smell the fragrances of herbs and, when you step inside, you will feel like time travelling back to the 20s in Hong Kong or Macau.

Lastly, Sunda Kelapa harbour is a busy trading port dating back from the 13th century. Walking there, I was amazed by these huge boats. To go in, men climb on a improvised (not-safe-at-all) ladder.


October 13, 2017
November 10, 2017


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