Art Galleries in Jakarta

Being a big fan of museums and arts, I obviously had to visit museums and art galleries while I was there.

Dia.lo.gue is a modern artspace holding exhibitions, events and workshops. Next to the artspace, there’s an open cafe to sit down and enjoy the view on the garden.

Art:1 is a brand new gallery and exhibition space for Indonesian painting and sculpture. The place held an exhibition by Douglas Diaz. I loved discovering and learning to understand his experience of self-discovery through his departure from home to the unknown.

“Shukke, a Japanese term that means “to leave home” or “to leave home life behind”. It is typically associated with monks as they prepare for a monastic life.”

“Shukke has a lot of significance at this moment in my life, because it captures the journey of leaving behind an incomplete version of myself in order to become an inclusive self. A self that is both personal and universal. A self capable of developing a deep connection to everything that exist in the universe and the most intimate aspects of my being.”


October 6, 2017
October 29, 2017


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