Café Culture in Jakarta

One of my obsessions is the café culture, as you may know by now. So when I moved to a guesthouse in Kemang, a hip and artsy neighborhood, I was so thrilled to try the many local cafes. What makes me love coffee shops is the chill yet cozy ambience, the coffee’s fragrances, pastries and the whole vibe.

Here are a two cafés I’ve been to and loved:

Café Kopimanyar – One of the reason why a friend brought me to this café is that it was designed and owned by a group of architects including, the famous Indonesian architect, Andra Matin. Walking inside, the spaces unfolded in quite interesting ways, almost like a hide-and-seek game with outdoor areas and a small exhibition spot.

Tanamera – This coffee shop seemed to be very popular amongst foreigners as it islocated in the busy center of Jakarta. They roast their own coffee which makes it fresh and truly aromatic.


September 2, 2017
October 1, 2017


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