Roadtrip to Bandung

I am blessed enough to have met such good people during my stay in Jakarta. Somehow, my roommates suggested me to go to Bandung for the weekend. They always talk about this place as a chill, colder and “surrounded-with-nature” city. It is truly surrounded by hills and very steep slopes and a close getaway for people from Jakarta.

I was very lucky to have a friend who has an apartment there and a car to get us to Bandung. As soon as we got there during the night, I felt the chill wind flowing through the car window. We rode for around four hours through the traffic due to the flock of people escaping the heat of hectic Jakarta. The road trip was lead by a playlist from all genres. It was punctuated with sing alongs (Indonesians know every song I swear), laughter and sleepy heads. We rested at Starbucks to get caffeinated for the rest of the ride.

We arrived to a nice and cozy apartment, chatted a bit, and went to bed. I already love the chill vibes of the city and the slow-paced of the people. They don’t rush, they enjoy the moment.

The next day, we strolled through a gorgeous tea plantation and took few photos. The weather was so nice. It kind of reminded me of Montréal.

Then, we headed to the Kawa Ratu’s crater at Tangkuban Parahu. It exhales sulfur so the whole area smells like rotten eggs. It is a stratovolcano situated 30 km north of Bandung. The panoramic view, however, is breathtaking.  Mount Tangkuban Perahu has a distinctive shape of an upside down boat. This peculiar shape has inspired the Legend of Sangkuriang, a son falling, unknowingly, in love with his mother.

For lunch, we drove to an area near the road. Pine trees high as skyscrapers shaped the landscape into a Harry Potter kind of woods. We ate indomie with poached eggs and rested on a bamboo platform in the chill weather.

Then, we had dinner at an old colonial restaurant called Dakken. It is set in an 1910 colonial residence. Each table is comfortably placed into semi-private or public space. It offers Western and Indonesian cuisine. I must say the food was amazingly good and refreshing for the cheapest prices for foreigners and Jakarta’s residents.




The night ended at Troy’s bar with live band music and cheap drinks.

The following day, we recovered from the previous night. Especially me. We packed our bags and headed for brunch at Two Hands Full. From the delicate and well-thought presentation to the tasty food and coffee, I had nothing to complain about. A group of friends opened together this café and it grew into this trending place.

Truly an adventure to remember.


August 3, 2017
September 2, 2017


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