Minimalism: Office


To me, it’s important to have a clean and organized workspace in order to focus and work efficiently. Some people work better in a mess. Everyone has their system.

But hey, with a clear space, you also don’t need to tidy up your stuff (kill two birds with one stone). So if you’re a want to keep your desk organized, try these tips:

  • Use cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox to keep all your paperwork that you scanned. It will reduce the number of stacks of documents and you will be able to access them from anywhere (with WiFi).
  • Cancel magazine subscriptions and go for online billing and statements.
  • Try PDF before printing, unless you really need it.
  • Get rid of unnecessary items. There are apps for literally everything: scan, photo, fax, etc.
  • Reduce your office supplies. You don’t need 297482 paperclips.


Start simplifying your life.


December 19, 2016
December 26, 2016


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