Intuition & Gut Feelings


Illustrated by OhGigue

I strongly believe in intuition and gut feelings. Our body and subconscious mind know more than we think.

It all starts with the perception of something like a facial expression, that you don’t even notice in a conversation, for example. If it seems off, you get “that” feeling.

Intuition uses knowledge and experiences from the past to quickly understand a situation. The strange part is that you’re not even aware of that knowledge. It doesn’t seem rational or logical. Your brain actually registers everything.

When you accumulate that knowledge, your brain learns to recognize patterns, subconsciously.  So when you see something familiar to your subconscious part of your brain, it instantly recognizes the whole meaning of it: danger, risk, desire, pleasure, etc.

But how do we recognize real intuition from a fake one? A fake intuition comes from a feeling of fear or from overthinking too much. Real intuition comes from your memories.

It’s about practice. So, the more familiar you are with an experience, the more accurate is your intuition about that specific experience. You should also be more in tune with your feeling, to carefully listen to your body and be more mindful by being truly in the moment.


November 28, 2016
December 4, 2016


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