Life Path by Default

by Josef Lee

If you follow these rules, you will, eventually, find comfort, security and happiness: «You must choose one career in which you will specialize, you must go to university, graduate, work, make money, get married and live a normal life and, if you fail one of those rules above, your life will be pathetically sad and you will not be successful.»

I heard this a billion of times. But, does this makes sense to you? It certainly does not for me.

I mean people are so diverse and life is so unpredictable. How can we all fit into one mold? We all have different aspirations, values and passions. We have many many interests so why do we have to choose one field  in particular and have one career for the rest of our lives? It’s so unrealistic and it closes every other wonderful possibilities that you can have in life.

Sure, it gives us a feeling of certainty and approval. But life is all about impermanence, unpredictability and inconsistency. That’s the beauty of it. There must be something bigger and meaningful for us out there.

We should let go of those expectations because they are merely suggestions not rules.



April 21, 2016
July 7, 2016



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    Advanced Research Technology

    April 28, 2016

    I like your way of thinking. First of all, life is going to throw up a few roadblocks and surprises along the way. This is one of the finest ways of learning, but it places many on a path they did not intend to travel.
    These pat ways of thinking do not accommodate much beyond the merely robotic, you are a consumer worldview.
    A much better society may be formed if we did away with the service to capitalism framework once and for all, and simply went about expanding in every direction, even the directions that come along unexpectedly.

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