Social Media: Self-esteem


by Esther Aarts

Social media is a wonderful tool to connect with others, to inspire and to be inspired. However, we, sometimes, let it overwhelm our lives. Why? Because it gives us validation. It boost our self-esteem. Someone, somewhere, acknowledge our existence and value us.

The social identities we are creating online is an illusion, unless we stay truly authentic and genuine. On Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Snapchat, people can be seen as a funny, loving, extroverted, successful. And you know what? They often didn’t have to work their ass off to live this kind of life simply because that perfect life doesn’t even exist. Every picture/video was photoshopped, staged or manipulated in some way. And within a minute, they feel validated and accepted via likes. But it’s an illusion. And so what will happen when we realized that our self-esteem and confidence is based on nothing?

Really, life has an infinite abundance of possibilities. So why are we choosing to live in such a fragile fantasy? Why don’t we make that fantasy a reality? Why don’t we build our self-esteem on tangible experiences, so we can feel more and not be numb?

In my personal experience with social media, I don’t think I fall in the category of people who use it for validation. I’m one of those many people who, rather, use it to distract myself from facing life. Not everyone on social media is like that of course. But, most people show you what they want you to see.

So, let’s be disconnected to social media instead of being disconnected to life.




April 14, 2016
April 28, 2016


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