Beauty Standards

Since a few years, we are witnessing a growing movement of people who are revolted by a culture engrossed in unhealthy images of skinny models and celebrities. It’s amazing that we are changing our perception about body image and we still need to push into that direction.

However some people are taking it to another level and are shaming skinny people because «real women have curves». Every time I hear that, I roll my eyes, but seriously, I can’t roll my eyes back that far. So then, I’m a fake woman? Because my once-a-month-crying uterus says otherwise. So how about this: what if every body type is beautiful in its own way. Because, anyway, every person on Earth has a different beauty ideal. Some people prefer pear body shapes, while others prefer apple body shape. Some even like both! What a revelation. Not only that, but for each era in the history of humanity and different cultures, beauty standards are different. Beauty standards are subjective and ephemeral.

So I really don’t understand why we need to have ONE body type that EVERYONE needs to worship. Is it because we tend to seek other people’s approval and want to feel like we fit in? Because, to me, one of the greatest thing about being a conscious human being is to experience the diversity and richness that others can offer to you. It’s much more empowering when we let others be who they truly are. Yes, it sounds terribly cheesy. But, think about it. How do you feel when you’re around someone who’s in tune with his or her soul, core values, deep beliefs and his or her aspiration? And how do you feel when you’re around someone who’s not in tune with her true self? (Hint: they often come off as very judgmental people).


March 20, 2016
April 21, 2016


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