Social Media: Being Present

Chief Happiness OfficerIllustration for MT Magazine, for article about the importance of happiness for productivity in the office.

by Esther Aarts

Social medias allow us to project ourselves into other people’s lives and emulate those role models. Their lives always look better than ours: more fun, more inspiring, more daring. And so, social medias make us feel good and better about ourselves. That’s why a lot of people are addicted and are obsessed with it.

It also creates a wall between our lives and ourselves because we are never really fully present in the moment. It is an escape, a distraction to avoid facing our real problems. We become too busy for the things that are important for us: real relationships, personal growth, etc. However, this avoidance will never solve them.

Being fully present is very hard for a lot of people. We feel discomfort, restlessness, disappointment, and frustration. All of this because we are scared to face our reality, our imperfections, our flaws, our true selves. Facing our reality implies that we are literally face to face with our suffering.

We prefer to stay in this comfort zone because our redundant and predictable lives is our security blanket. We can fantasize about our dream life without actually working hard and taking the risks. That’s how we feel safe and satisfied at the same time. But, all of this is only an illusion.


February 24, 2016


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