It’s all about perception…


As we are saying goodbye to the year 2013 very soon, I came to realize a lot of things about myself and life in general during the holidays.

So here’s the most important lesson I learned this year:

It’s all about perception…

Everything you see, everything you feel, everything you think is not reality. Reality exists, but you will never see things as they are. For example, if you just got a promotion, the world seems so wonderful and everyone seems so nice to you. When you just got fired, you notice every single bad things that happen to you. It’s all about how you think and how you control your thoughts. Basically, whether you have a crappy mood or you’re happy, it’s because of yourself. Life sucks when you think it is. When you decide to not see the good side of it. I know that sometime life really sucks, but it’s your choice to let go of the bad things or hold on to it. Circumstances are entirely neutral. Only you assign meaning.Β (Quote by Emelia Sam)

We have the ability to control what we feel, maybe not completely, but a big part of it. I realized it can really change how people interact with me and, most importantly, how I felt about myself.

Maybe some of you already knew, maybe not, but I hope it made you think.

With that being said, HAPPY NEW YEAR! πŸ™‚ I wish you all an awesome new year filled with joy, love and happiness.


January 4, 2014


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